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медвежонок про Бурносов: Революция. Книга 1. Японский городовой (Альтернативная история)

Лучше бы автор продолжал работать санитаром.

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Shcola про Оченков: Митральезы Белого генерала. Часть вторая (Альтернативная история)

Вся серия очень интересная. Почитайте, весело и интересно.

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vovih1 про Бурносов: (Сборники, альманахи, антологии)


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Steve Pieczenik

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Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD (born December 7, 1943, in Havana, Cuba) is an American psychiatrist, former United States Department of State official, author, and publisher.

Pieczenik was born in Cuba of Jewish parents from Russia and Poland and was reared in France. His father, a doctor from Dombrovicz who studied and worked in Toulouse, fled Poland before World War II. His mother, a Russian Jew from Bialystok, fled Europe after many of her family members were killed. The couple met in Portugal, where both had fled ahead of the Nazi invaders. Pieczenik was born in Cuba in 1943. After living in Toulouse, France for six years, Pieczenik's family migrated to the United States where they settled in the Harlem area of New York City, New York. Steve Pieczenik was eight years old when his parents received their visa to the US.
Pieczenik is a classical pianist who wrote a full-length musical at the age of eight.
Pieczenik is a Harvard University-trained psychiatrist and has a doctorate in international relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Pieczenik's autobiography notes that he attended Booker T. Washington High School in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. Pieczenik received a full scholarship to Cornell University at the age of 16. According to Pieczenik, he received a B.A. degree in Pre-Medicine and Psychology from Cornell in 1964, and later attended Cornell University Medical College. He attained a PhD in international relations from MIT while studying at Harvard Medical School. Pieczenik claims to be the first psychiatrist ever to receive a PhD focusing on international relations.

Pieczenik has made a number of ventures into fiction, as an author (of State of Emergency and a number of other books) and as a business partner of Tom Clancy for several series of novels.
He studied medicine and writing, beginning with drama and poetry. But eventually "I turned to fiction because it allows me to address reality as it is or could be."
Pieczenik received a listed credit as "co-creator" for both Tom Clancy's Op-Center and Tom Clancy's Net Force, two best-selling series of novels, as a result of a business relationship with Tom Clancy. He was not directly involved in writing books in these series, but "assembled a team" including the ghost-writer who did author the novels, and someone to handle the "packaging" of the novels. The Op-Center series alone had grossed more than 28 million dollars in net profit for the partnership by 2003. Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Out of the Ashes was released in 2014 by St. Martins Press.
Books he has authored include: novel Mind Palace (1985), novel Blood Heat (1989), self-help My Life Is Great! (1990) and paper-back edition Hidden Passions (1991), novel Maximum Vigilance (1993), novel Pax Pacifica (1995), novel State Of Emergency (1999), novel My Beloved Talleyrand (2005). He's also credited under the pseudonym Alexander Court for writing the novels Active Measures (2001), and Active Pursuit (2002).
Pieczenik has had at least two articles published in the American Intelligence Journal, a peer-reviewed journal published by the National Military Intelligence Association.
In September 2010, John Neustadt was recognized by Elsevier as being one of the Top Ten Cited Authors in 2007 & 2008 for his article, "Mitochondrial dysfunction and molecular pathways of disease." This article was co-authored with Pieczenik.
Pieczenik is the co-author of the published textbook, Foundations and Applications of Medical Biochemistry in Clinical Practice.


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